Following a long career in instrumental teaching Mike had the chance to expand his passion for instruments by learning to repair and restore bowed and fretted string instruments.  Studying with the the wonderful violin maker Alan Ward, Mike had the chance to experience craftsmanship at its best; Alan’s passion for shape and detail giving Mike the grounding in which to grow his own ideas.  Mike offers entry level student violins which perform to their optimum without breaking the bank.

Alan’s guidance has given Mike the confidence to develop clear ideas about tone and playability.  Please visit Alan’s website; his instruments are exquisite “craftsmanship at its best”.

Mike also had the good fortune to study woodworking techniques with the brilliant Simon Thorne who, with great patience, demonstrated the skills necessary to make detailed joints and wood repairs.  A long career as a cabinet maker and lecturer has allowed Simon to develop cutting edge skills and techniques.

Still with much to learn Mike undertakes each repair with care and always with Alan’s thought:

“Never do anything that cannot be undone”

Mike still continues to teach both acoustic guitar and trombone together with heading an adult jazz centre “Jazz Matters!”.  With a lifelong passion to perform with the best tone Mike has been fascinated by adjustments which allow instruments to speak freely - the belief that you have to spend a lot of money to find an instrument which sounds great is not necessarily true; many budget guitars can sound remarkably good with a detailed set-up.

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