Instrument Repairs

All repairs are undertaken using quality parts and materials.  We specialise in student and intermediate violins, aiming to make each instrument play to its optimum.  Careful adjustments are made to bridge, nut and sound post.

We are always happy to discuss your needs whether it be a set-up, repair or upgrade, and can offer advice on individual requirements.  We passionately believe that everyone should play an instrument that performs well and has a good tone.

We are also dedicated to Nylon String Guitars and stock a good variety of makes for both the serious Classical Guitarist as well as the Jazz/Acoustic Guitarist who would like to play nylon strings.

We offer:

New Bridge - Violin, Viola, Cello

New Pegs

Peg Bushing

Crack Repairs

New Fingerboard

New Sound Post

Bow Re-hair (off site)

Fret Levelling and Crowning

New Nut

Broken Necks

New Saddles

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