Entry level Violas from £145

Entry level Cellos from £395

Prices subject to change


We offer a wide selection of Violins from £100 - £1500.  All instruments are carefully set up to play with a strong balanced tone.  Attention is given to bridge, nut and sound post; the fingerboard is adjusted to the correct curvature and we check that the fingerboard scoop is accurate.

Our entry level instruments are available through our “Rent to Buy” scheme from as little as £20 per term.  We stock Stentor, Primavera and Vivante student Violins, Violas and Cellos.  Each instrument is supplied with upgrade bridge and strings.

Our collection of guitars includes an exciting selection of classical and jazz guitars.  Each guitar can be adjusted to suit play styles and genre.

Alhambra, Segovia, Kremonia, Eastman, Aria

We also keep an interesting selection of step-up and intermediate violins which include the Zeller, Piacenza and Eastman hand carved plus a selection of vintage violins together with the Gewa Maestro series.

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